Friday, August 15, 2008

Mc Donalds! Free stuff!

I don't usually like to have fast food too often. Especially twice in a day but I was out and too tired to make dinner. I had printed out some FREE southern style chicken sandwich w/purchase of drink. And had 2 coupons in my file for free chicken sandwich with purchase of drink and fry. So that is what I got.

4- large drinks= $4.00
2- Lg Frys- $3.XX
4- Southern Style Chicken Sandwichs

OOP was a whopping $7.99 for 4 dinners!

For you free chicken sandwich go to (you must print in color. You can only print one time. So if you want to keep it and use it over and over you have to print to a pdf writer/printer instead of your injet)

2 Safeway Runs and Lunch!

6- Kraft dressings (used free kraft wyb)
4- Crystal light (used free kraft wyb)
sara lee soft and smooth bread (used free coming out this weekend)
8- Lipton teas@1.00 (used .50/1)
30- pk kool-aid
2lb apples
3lb bananas
Birthday card @ .99
Box of oatmeal cream pies
Box of swiss rolls
1 donut DD ate in the store

OOP= .96! and got a $2 OYNSO


Went back to Safeway to see if stuff was marked down. And it was!

2- orange juice @ .70c
1- Milk @ .70c
4- OM deli creations @ .99 and with 1.00/1 Q attached to them
Used the $2 OYNSO from this morning.

OOP: .06

got in the mail today:
2 samples of parents choice formula
$5 enfamil check
2- $1 thomas english muffins for a complement
cable bill
doc bill


Yummy Chick-fil-a!

Got me a chocolate milkshake, lg waffle frys and a origonal sandwich for only $1.90. Had coupons from the calendar for free shake and sandwich.

My daughter is allergic to peanuts so she does not get Chick-fil-a. We had to go next door for her Happy Meal and my diet coke, adding another 4.99 to todays total.

Total for the whole days shopping and lunch..........$7.91

Monday, August 11, 2008

CVS 8/24 Notes

Just plopping down some notes for myself for the CVS ad on 8/24!

Stayfree 2/$9 Use BOGO coupons -4.50 and $5 ECBs earned= +.50c

Playtex gentle glide 18ct, Use $1/1 RP6/22- 4.99-1.oo and $5ECB= $.99

Kotex lightdays 18ct, use $1/1, 1.49-1.00 and 1.49 ECBs earned= +$1.00

Zippfizz (some new energy drink) $5.99 and earn 5.99ecb= FREE

Free samples 8/11

Cheap things at Walmart 8/11

Cheap things I priced at Walmart today!

  • Jello Singles $1
    Jell-O Singles .50/1 (9-30-08) SS-6/8
  • Kotex Lightdays $1
    Kotex Lightdays Pantiliners, any .75/1 (9-14-08) LV-7/23
    Kotex Lightdays Pantiliners, any .75/1 (9-14-08) SS-7/20
    Kotex Pads, any $1/1 (9-14-08) LV-7/23
    Kotex Pads, any $1/1 (9-14-08) SS-7/20
  • Kotex small box of tampons $2.95
  • Charmin to-go $.97
  • Ponds Clean Sweep $.97
    Get a sample
  • KY touch 1/2oz $1.67
    K-Y Product, any excluding Trial Sizes $3/1 (12-31-08) RP-5/11
    K-Y, e.p.t, Uristat, Soothing Care or Tucks Product, any $3/1 (9-30-08) RP-3/9
    K-Y, Tucks, Uristat, Soothing Care, or OrthoOptions Product, any $2/1 (12-31-08) LV-6/25
    K-Y, Tucks, Uristat, Soothing Care, or OrthoOptions Product, any $2/1 (12-31-08) SS-6/22
  • Purel 2oz $1.37
    Purell product, any 2 oz. or larger .60/1 (11-30-08) LV-7/30
    Purell product, any 2 oz. or larger .60/1 (11-30-08) SS-7/27
  • Renu 2oz $1.50
    Link $1 off
  • Tidy Cat Multi Cat 10lb $1.77
    Tidy Cats any size, any variety $1/1 (9-29-08) SS-6/29

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