Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Newbie Deals!

Newbie deals anyone can do!

CVS Monthly Deals for October
To do the CVS deals you must have and Extracare card. You can sign up for it at the store and put it on your keychain.

  • CVS brand Vit D 100 tab 2.99 - $2.99 ECB= FREE (limit1)
  • Colgate freshmax toothpaste, toothbrush or mouthwash $2.99 - $2.00 ECB= $.99 (limit 2)
  • Wellpatch Arthritis relief pads 3pk. $5.99 - $ 5.99 ECB= FREE (limit2)

Trip #1 : Buy 1 Wellpatch / pay $5.99 cash + tax / Recieve $5.99 ECB
Trip #2-5 : Buy 1 Wellpatch / pay $5.99 ECB + tax in cash / Recieve $5.99 ECB
Trip #6: Buy CVS Vit D + Colgate product + candy or other filler product= around $6/ pay w/ $5.99 ECB + cash for balance/ receive $2.99 ECB + $2 ECB
Trip #7: Buy 1 colgate product= 2.99/ pay w/ 2.99 ECB + cash for balance/ receive $2.00 ECB for later.

total OOP for 7 trips= Roughly $8 and still have 2/$2.00 ECB's for next month (receive 5 box wellpatch, 2 colgate and 1 vit d)
*This deal could be better if you have Colgate coupons and Welpatch coupons. I just put this together for Newbies because they probably won't have coupons.

If you use coupons for the above deals you need to use filler items for the amount of the coupons. This is because to use the ECB your total must exceed ECB price before tax. For example it will look like this.

Trip #1 : Buy 1 Wellpatch / (use $1 coupon) pay $4.99 cash + tax / Recieve $5.99 ECB
Trip #2-5 : Buy 1 Wellpatch / (use $1 coupon and buy $1 filler item) pay $5.99 ECB + tax in cash / Recieve $5.99 ECB

*Contine with fillers for the value of the coupon on each trip for colgate and wellpatch items.

Food Co-ops!

A lot of areas have food co-ops. These can help you save money and get some good produce at the same time.

At my co-op. You order a produce basket and then show up early Saturday morning to pick it up. I have no idea what is going to be in my basket until I pick it up. All co-ops are diffrent. Some are like mine and some are like farmers markets. Some tell you what is in your basket when ordering and some not. Here is what I got in mine....

1 lb bag carrots
head of leaf lettuce
2 red onions
6 bananas
12 nectorines
2lb grapes
6 sweet potatoes
2lb broccoli
1 stalk celery
6 peaches
1lb green beans
1 cantalope
1lb strawberries
1 pk mushrooms
3 lg tomatoes

All was $15 for the basket

At times they may offer other things like bread, powdered mixes and dried soups, rice and beans, or even dried cheese powder (yummy) and organic herbals.

Try some of these links to find one in your area....

Co-op Directory
Local Harvest
Co-Op Directory .org
sustainable table
green people

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Sorting your coupons.

Everyone wants to see how my coupons are sorted so I will show you. I have to tell you it is not a pretty system or a portable one. But if you you a couponizer you should have no problem with this.

You will need.
Coupon insterts (Whole ones)
Ziploc bags
black marker

I do the exact same thing as the video. There are few exceptions though. Before you cut your set of coupons I staple through them. In the picture or something, not on the barcode.

Here is the video.

After you have cut your set of coupons you want to label a ziplock with the week that they came out. And then place your coupons in the bag. Now you have a whole set and you can find what you are looking for. We keep ours in a filing cabinet.

Now you may ask how do you know what is in there? that is a great question. You can look them up by what you are looking for in the Coupon Database. Or you can lookup by week to see the whole list at Taylor Town Preview.

Loose coupons or from a trade? That is for a diffrent day. I have to take pics.

Walgreens had clearance!

I found this stuff down the summer toy isle. Great stuff on clearance. I am going to go back and get another microscope. That was a great deal! My nephew went to science camp this summer and would love one for Christmas. I never find the good stuff on clearance so I am still on a Clearance High.

Microscope was $20 got it for $4
Mushabelly's was $7.99 rang up $7.99 but shelf said $1.19! (manager override) These have codes on them like Webkinz so you have access to games and such on there website. Not as great as webkins but good for younger kids 4-5.
Generic crayola poster paint backpack was $4.99 rang up $.84!

I also got another razor.

-$9 in RR
-$4 razor coupon

Total OOP= w tax $7.17 (got $4 RR for razor)

Monday, September 29, 2008

Sunday Shopping Extravaganza!

2- ziploc steam bags @ 2.50- .55Q= $3
6- Twist smelly things @ .99- .55/3= $4.02
2- Renuzit oder refesher @ 2.99 - Free coupon = FREE
2- gl milk @ 1.88= $3.76
2- Colgate @ .88 - .55 Q= FREE
6- steamfresh veggies (yes I need more, these are broccoli) @ 1.??- 1/3 Q= $7.14
2- chickens @ .69lb= $6.98

OOP= $24.90
Not my best work. But still a good deal. Too bad I couldn't find a better deal on the ziploc.

1 french bread= $1.29
1 dz eggs= $.89
2 Homepride bread BOGO= $3.69
2- Windex BOGO - .50/1 coupon= $1.80
2- PK chicken breast= $8.09
OOP= $15.76

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Walgreens Shopping

Shopping at Wallgreens today was great.

6 transactions but consolidated for you here..

1 WAG laundry soap $2.19 clearanced
1 Starburst bag $1.00 clearanced
2 Halloween Pencils with erasers .50
3 Halloween Coloring books .50ea
1 Halloween window cling .50
Nestle candy .89

Here are the good deals.........

6 Tylenol Cold/Sinus Rapid Release 4.99
- $1.50 ES coupon
-$1.00 Insert coupon from March
= $2.25 ea
$5 RR wyb 3 (for some reason it printed out a $5 and a $2 for the 3)

3- Oral B crossaction $4.50
-$.75 insert coupon 9/28
= $3.75
$4.50 RR (.75 profit)

Fusion Power razor $8.99
- $4 insert coupon (9/28)
$4.00 RR (so only .99 ea)

Paid OOP=$21.03 w tax and I still have $8.50 in RR to spend.

A Stewy Season

Well it is suposed to feel like fall. But here is is still over 100 degrees so there is no chance of that. But I still had all the ingredents to make my stew. So if you want to try it out it is simple and yummy.

You need
1lb chopped carrots
1 chopped onion (yellow or white)
2 stocks chopped celery
1lb stew meat (floured)
1 tbs of chopped garlic
2 tbs flour
2 bay leaves (you can go without if you don't have any)
Butter, olive oil, salt and pepper

Add a tbs of butter and a tbs of oil to the pot and cook veggies and garlic until softened. They should not have color on them but softened up a bit. Then return the veggies to bowl.

Next you want to add some more butter and oil to the pot. Then add the stew meat. Cook the stew meat until it get brown on all sides. Remove the meat and put with the veggies when all cooked.

Next comes the tricky part. You want to put 2 tbs of oil and 2 tbs of butter in the bottom of your pot. Put the heat on med so that it will not burn (you may want to take the pot of for a few before you do this so it is not too hot). Have a wisk in one hand and dump in 2 tbs of flour with the other. Wisk the flour until incorportated well with the oil mixture and try to get the meaty bits off the bottom. Cook for about 30 seconds while wisking. Dump in about 2 cups of water and mix. Then dump in the meat and veggies. Cover with 2 inches of water. This depends on your pot. You may add some salt and pepper here to taste. But I would not add to much because it will reduce and become more salty. Now you have a few options. You can cook this in the oven, crock pot or on the stove. The stove method is the fastest and crock pot is the slowest. Stew will thicken as is cooks.

Crockpot: Dump the whole thing in and ad 1lb of cubed potatoes, cook on low 8 hours.

Oven: Cook in oven for about 2 hours at 350, covered with foil. Then ad 1 lb of cubed potatoes and cook for another 2 hours.

Stovetop: Cook on slow simmer for 1 1/2 hours , cover and stiring every 15 minutes. Watching for water loss. Add 1 lb potatoes and cook for another hour.

* Cooking times may vary due to areas of the country, and cooking equipment.

You can also ad other things to the stew if you like. But remember that you add the potatoes to the last part of the cooking or they will become mashed and yucky. We add cabbage to our sometime or add dumplings at the end. You can also make this with chicken (no need to cook it. Just add raw after cooking veggies and making rue) Pork or other gamey meat)

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