Sunday, November 9, 2008

Sunday Shopping Extravaganza!

Sorry I have not posted much. I have mid-terms due on the 15th. So this will be a slow week too for posting. But I do have sundays for you to look at

Fry's (tripple coupons and competitors coupons)

This first pic is from today:

6 shrimp rings @ 7.99 - Albertsons B1G2 free= $15.98
3- Poptarts @ 1.88 - .55/1= $2.64
4- Cheetos @ 1.50= $6.00
3- Scotchbrite spounges $1.50- .50/1= $1.50
3- Mini lint rollers @ 2.00 - .50/1= $4.00
1- Gold metal flour @ 2.99 - Basha's shocker coupon for .99= $.99
1- Frys milk= $1.88
3- Hotpockets @1.88- .50/1= $2.64

Subtotal: $35.63
-$5.00 promo for 10 participating items
- 4.00/40 Basha's coupon (before taking off free shrimp)
= $26.63 OOP

The second pic is from an earlier trip this week.

4- Libbys pumpkin @ 1.25 - 1.00/2= $3.00
2- BC muffin mix @ 2.50- .50/1= $3.00
2- BC cookie mix @ 1.50= $3.00
5- Fry's pie filling @ 2.00= $10.00
3- Frenches sauce @ 1.79 - Free up to 1.69 Q= $.30
10- Carnation evap milk @ 1.00 - 1.00/1= $5.00
1- Frys sugar w/ bashas shocker coupon = $.99
1- Land O Lakes butter - Bashas coupon for free wyb 4 BC porducts= Free
1- Pills toaster struddel @ 2.00- .50/1= $1.00

subtotal= 26.29
-$10.00 for $5 off wyb 10 participating items
- $5.00/20 purchase from fresh and easy
= $11.29 oop

Third pic is Safeway

8- Swansons broth @ .60 - .25/4= $3.84
1- Daisy sour cream= $2.25
1- Eggs= $1.59
1- Bakery bread= $3.49
4- C&H sugar @ 1.50- .35/1= $3.20
- $4.00 OYNSO
= 10.37 on GC

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Sunday Shopping Extravaganza!

I am so sorry this is late. I was not feeling good after my sunday shopping and then got called into work on Mon and Tuesday. I also can not find my camera again. So I will try and list without pics....


3 slabs of pork ribs @ 1.99lb - B1G2 free Albertsons coupon = $10.42 (these are huge ribs!)
4- Snows clams (like tuna in a can) @ 1.25 - 1.00/2= $3.00
3- Purex laundry soap @ 2.50 - .35/1= $4.50
1- Pork butt roast @ 1.37lb = $8.94
3- halls caugh drops @ 1.00 - .50/1= FREE
1- Glade plug in warmer @ 4.99 - Free coupon= FREE
Subtotal before coupons = $53.91
-10% off from safeway = $5.39

= $21.48 OOP
Received $4 OYNSO from glade


3- BC cake mixes @ .59= $1.77

6- Shick razors @ 5.99 - 3.00 IVC- BOGO coupon - 2.00/1= $6.03 overage
1- generic cetifiel lotion @ 5.99
1. Generic detifiel soap @ 5.99
2- Almay one coat mascara @ 6.99 - bogo - 1.00/1= $4.99
- 16 RR from last week
= .97 + tax (used giftcard)

Will get back $6.99 for Almay rebate.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Outlet stores!

I used to go to an outlet bread store years ago. But it closed. I was driving and looked over to a Earthgrains bread disributer center and saw a sign in the window that said "buns". So on my way back I stoped in the parking lot to read the other signs. It was an outlet center for Sara Lee. I fond out some interesting things. To all you out there that thinks store brand is worse or not as good as name brand.....Sara Lee/ Earthgrains makes Fry's brand bagels english muffins and buns. Haha! Some of the prices were not as good as I would think but loves of bread and buns were an awesome price. Here are some of the things I saw...

SL mini bagels $1
sm SL buns (hotdog and hamburger) $.89
lg SL buns (premium including onion, seseme seed ect.) $1.09-1.29
loaf breads (SL, earthgrains, iron kids, Sun Maid Rasian bread ect. all kinds of stuff) $1.09-1.29

They did have cereal and generic stuff but not at very good prices. I got 1 sl mini bagels and 2 sl buns for dinner tonight.

Monday, October 27, 2008


Went on Saturday early in the morning and got my produce from the co-op. I can't find my camera so there are not pictures....

9- apples
8- pears
2- english cucumbers
1- head of lettuce
5- bananas
4- artachokes
3lb grapes
3- yellow squash
1- cantalope
3- avacados
4- vine tomatoes
4- oranges

All for $15. My co-op was selling bison. Not sure what the value is but it was a bunch of different cuts that added up to 12 lb for $65. I have never had it before. But if the have sampler packs again I might try some. Cases of apples were $50 I think and organic breads were $2 a loaf. I don't think I would have a need for a whole case of apples. If my family ate a lot of applesauce I might but the kids don't eat it much. And I don't have a big freezer or I would make apple pies and pie filling. I can't wait until they offer organic honey and olive oil again.

Sorry, guys. I did not go shopping this Sunday. I got all I needed of the cereal onsale at Fry's this week. And the others were not all that interesting to me. I did manage to get another $25 gift card from Walgreens for another transfer.

I went to the doc today and got 2 new rx's for dd. So those are going to Safeway. They have a coupon on the back for $30 gift certificate with a new or transfered RX.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Winner of the Kiss Me Mascara.

I used to pick the winner. Just put in how many comments there were and it ordered it randomly. Winner is................


Please email me at so I can get you shipping info for the mascara. :)

I have been tagged!

I have been tagged by JANE4girls. Now I have to tell 7 random things about myself and tag 7 other people.

1. My stockpile closet is my one of my walkins in my bedroom (we have 2).
2. I have 3 turtles and 3 chickens.
3. CVS gets on my nerves sometimes so I rarely go.
4. At Safeway 5 checkers and 2 managers know me by my first name.
5. I scare away a lot of people that I try to convert to couponing when I tell them how many papers to buy. LOL
6. My dad has been kicked out of 2 Kroger stores for "using too many coupons" and getting too good a deal. LOL (so funny)
7. I drive a orange minivan.

Ok, maybe not too silly and random but that is the best I can do. I don't like talking about myself. LOL

Now I have to tag 7 other blogs....

1. Frugal Makes Cents (another couponer in my state)
2. "Cents"able Mamma (she is great at making senerios)
3. Money Saving Methods (has the inside scoop on deals that are not grocery related)
4. $5 Dinners
5. Thrifty Mamma Ramblings (shopping excursions like me)
6. The Centsable Sawyer (love this one)
7. I am a Money Magnet (shopping trips)

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I robbed that store!

Well not really, I used my coupons! Here is my Fry's trip today. (triple coupons and competitors coupons)

Order #1
6- Life cereal @ 1.50 - 1.00/2=$6.00
3- Celestial Seasonings Tea @1.00 -1.00/1= FREE
3- Armor Sizzle and Serve @ 1.00 - .35/1= FREE
2-Franks Red Hot sauce @ 1.99- Free coupon= FREE
3- Puffs @ 1.00-.25/1= $.75
3- Wisker Lickens cat treats @ 1.00 - .50/1= FREE
3- Pkg hotdog buns @ 1.29= $3.87 (for birthday party)
-$3.00 for buying 6 life cereal
- $5/25 whole foods coupon
= $2.62 OOP

Order #2
4- Captain Crunch @ 1.50 - 1.00/2= $3.00
2- life cereal @ 1.50- 1.00/2= $2.00
2- BC pouch potatoes @ 1.00 - .35/1= FREE
3- Sizzle and serve sausage @ 1.00 - .50/1= FREE
2- Franks red hot @ 1.99- FREE coupon= FREE
1- Celestial seasoning tea @ 1.00 - 1.00/1= FREE
4- Nesquik milks @ 1.00 - 1.00/2= $2.00
3- Wisker Lickens cat treats @ 1.00 - .50/1= FREE
2- BC vanilla frosting @ 1.69= $3.38 (for birthday party)
2- Frys marshmellows @ 1.00= $2.00 (for birthday party)
-$3.00 for quaker deal
- $5/25 whole foods
-$5 OYNSO from last week
= $2.38 OOP

total for both orders; $5.00 on the dot!

Walgreens Shopping again!

I just cant stop with the good deals. I have become a non-stop shopper and may have a problem.

1- Theraflu warming @ 4.99 - 2.00/1= $2.99
2- Triamenic strips @ 4.99- 2.00/1= $5.98
4- Lindt candy bars @ 2.49 - (2) BOGO - (2) .75/1 - 1.00/1 IVC= -$.52 overage
1- Small gift card= $.60
Subtotal= $9.05
used $5 RR from ragu deal last week
= 4.05+ tax ($5.34)
On gift card from RX transfer = $0.00 oop

Receive; $8 RR for triamenic and theraflu
Apply for Theraflu rebate= $2.99
NET + $5.65 profit!

Trip #2
3- Theraflu warming @ 4.99 - 2.00/1= $8.97
6- Lindt candy bars @ 2.49 - (3) BOGO - (3) .75/1 - 1.00/1 IVC= -$1.71 overage
= $8.19+ tax ($9.43)
On gift card from RX transfer = $0.00 oop

Receive: $8 RR for theraflu
Apply for theraflu rebate= $2.99
Net= $1.56 profit!

GC balance = $10.23

I need help finding the shower soothers. I love these and so does DH but we cant find them at any WAG.

New Loreal mascara VS the Kiss Me mascara

About a year ago I got a little sample of Kiss Me Mascara that uses tube technology. It is wonderful. It goes on well and does not smudge or come off. It takes a little warm water and a little pressure to slide the tubes off your lashes. It makes your lashes very long and lush looking. I just bought the Loreal Paris Double Extend (beauty tubes technology) at CVS this week. It is on sale for $9.99 and $2.00 back in ECB. After using the Kiss Me I was very disappointed with the Loreal. I do like the idea of the nourishing end of the tube but it went on thick and goopy. The applicators on the Loreal are very bushy and do not extend out very far from the end that you hold. It was very awkward to use. You can see from the picture (sorry for the quality) how short it is. I think that I am going to stick to my Kiss Me mascara. Even though it is more then 2 times the price. It is worth it to me.

You can find it Here!

or if you don't mind the awkwardness you can get the less expensive version at CVS this week for $9.99 - $2.00 ECB= $7.99 (even better if you have a coupon).

I forgot to add that Kiss Me mascara is the best mascara I have ever had!

Do you want to try a Kiss Me mascara. I will give one away to someone that comments on this post. Please remember to leave your email, have your profile enabled or just leave a comment and email me your email addy ( Drawing ends on Friday 10/24/08 at 6pm PST

Free stuff at fry's this week! (tripple coupons and competitors coupons)

Nesquick singles @ 1.00
Use: Nestlé Nesquik, any size, any flavor $1/2 (12-31-08) RP-9/14

Quaker Oatmeal Squares Cereal $1.00 ea (WYB 6)
Quaker Oatmeal Squares Cereal 16oz or larger .50/1 (11-30-08) RP-9/7

Armour Sizzle & Serve Sausage 6oz $1.00
Use: Armour Sizzle & Serve sausage links or patties 6oz or larger .35/1 (12-31-08) SS-9/28

Celestial Seasonings Tea 20ct $1.00
Use: Celestial Seasonings Tea Bags, 20-count or larger box $1/1 (1-4-09) SmartSource-10/5

Whisker Lickins Treats $1.00
Use: Purina Whisker Lickin's Cat Treats, any size, any variety $1/1 (12-31-08) RP-9/14

Fast Fixin chicken nuggets $1.00ea
Fast Fixin Or Fast Classics Product, Any - 04-06-08 SS
$1/1 printable (remember to hit back then refresh to print more)

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Win a free cupcake maker!

My daughter is turning 9 on the 25th and guess what she asked for. You guessed it Girl Gourmet Cupcake Maker! And you can win one from Common Sense With Money!

Fry's Trip Monday 20th

Went back to get some more free speghettio's. (remember tripple coupon up to $1 until the 28th)
6- Speghettios @ .49- .40/2= FREE
3- Bounty @ .88 - .25/1= $.39
4- Hunts Spaghetti sauce @ .77 -.50/2= $1.08
Hunts tomato products printable .50/2
1- Del Monte Fruit Cups @ 2.00 - 1.00/1= $1.00
1- Graham crackers = $2.00
10- Boxes mac and cheese @ .37= $3.70
2- Nestle Crunch snack bags @2.00 - 1.00/1= $2.00
Nestle Bagged candy $1.00/1
1- Flour= $1.47
1- Shmrocker 1/2 gl@ 1.79- .50/1= $.79
3- PK little debbies= $5.00
Used $5/25 Whole foods coupon
-$5 OYNSO from hershey's deal
Total OOP= 7.43

Acronynms & Abbreviations

I realized that I have been posting for a while with no explination of what my acronyms are. So here is a list. I will add more as I use more.

BC= Betty Crocker

CAT or Catalina=
Little coupon that prints out at the register.

Gift Certificate

HCW= Hot Coupon World

= Out of pocket (the amount of cash I spend after using coupons, gift cards, ect)

= On Your Next Shopping Order (a little coupon that prints out at the register that is like free money for the next time you shop there)

PYP= Pinching You Pennies

RR= Little coupon that prints out at the register at Walgreens for your next shopping trip (just like a OYNSO)

WAG- Walgreens

Coupon Values
.50/1= Money off / Product requirement. (.50/1 is $0.50 off 1 product . .50/2 is $0.50 off 2 products.

Frys and Safeway double my coupons up to $1.00. So if I have a .35c coupon it would take off .70c. Or if I have .75c coupon it will take off 1.00.

In all my posts I use 1 coupon per product unless stated otherwise. So it will look like this.

8- Green Giant Veggies @ 1.00 - .25/1 = $4.00


I bought 8 green giant veggies that were 1.00 each. I used 4: 50/2 coupons taking off 4.00 giving me a total for all 4 equaling $4.00.

If I only had 3 coupons it would look like this.

6- Green Giant Veggies @ 1.00 - (4) .50/2=$4.00

Monday, October 20, 2008

CVS Highlights!

You might want to take advantage of some of these before they are gone.
Today is the last day for these.......Limit 2 each.
FREE- Pumpkin Pail (.99)
FREE- Brach's Candy Corn (1.29)
FREE- Glow Stick (.99)

Newbie deals good all week long deals... (no coupon stock needed)

Blow Pops or smarties (10oz bg)- $1.99

Colgate tootpaste BOGO = $2.79-2.99
($1.50 off here)= 2 for FREE (WYU 2 coupons)

Windex trigger - $2.50
- $2 coupon= $.50

Windex wipes $2.50
-$1.50 coupon= $1.00

Scrubbing Bubbles can- $2.50
- $2.00 coupon= $.50

Fantastic trigger- $2.50
-$1.50 coupon= $1.00

Butler gum toothbrushes 2pk (limit 2)= $3.99
Receive 3.99 in ECB making them FREE

Touch of grey mens hair color (limit 2) = $7.99
Receive 7.99 in ECB making them FREE
$8.00 mail in rebate = $7.99 profit!

Listerine Agent Cool kids mouth wash = $6.49
- 1.00 coupon= $5.49
Receive $5.00 in ECBs (limit 1)= $.50

Powerade= $1.69
Receive $1.69 (limit 1) in ECBS making it FREE

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Sunday Shopping Extravaganza!

Great deals today on candy! (still triple coupons until the 28th and accepting competitors coupons)

Trip #1
9- Hersheys snack bags @ 2.00 - 1.00/3= $15.00
3- Bounty Basic Paper towels @ .88 - .25/1= $.39
1- 1/2 gl apple cider= $.99
5- Betty crocker potato pouches @ 1.00 - .40/1= FREE
6- Libby's Green Beans @ .49 - .50/3= $.94 Printable here
6- Speghettio's @ .49 - .40/2= FREE
3- Country Crock (big ones) @ 2.38 - .50/1= $4.14
3- Shamrockers @ .99 - .50/1= FREE
2- Pumpkins @ 4.99 - .50/1 safeway coupon= $9.48
Subtotal: $29.95
Used $6/30 Fresh and Easy and $5/25 whole foods (used these before other coupons at a total of $56)
Total OOP= $18.95 + tax
Received $5 OYNSO for the $15 in Hersheys products.

Trip #2
2- Bounty Basic @ .88- .25/1= $.26
9- Hershey's snack bags @2.00- 1.00/3= $15.00
3- Country Crock @ 2.38- .50/1= $4.14
3- Brut deodorant @1.00- 1.00/1= FREE
3- Betty Crocker pouch potatoes @1.00 - .40/1= FREE
3- Shamrockers @1.00- .50/1= FREE
6- Speghettio's @.49- .40/2= FREE
used $5 OYNSO from 1st trip
used $6/30 fresh and easy coupons
Total OOP= $8.40


I spent a little more here but still did good!

10- Hefty bags @ 3.29 - BOGO - .1.00/1= $4.90
12- Knorr pasta sides @ 1.00 - .50/1 = FREE
12- Forkable pastas @ 1.00- .50/2= $6.00
1- bag potatoes = $1.49
5lb chicken theighs = $4.52
5lb pork country ribs = $5.88
Total OOP= $22.79

Sorry no Walgreens finds today. I did drop of a transfer perscription at 2 of them. I will pick them up and net 2 $25 gift cards!

Sunday at CVS

I had to go to 2 cvs's today. The first one did not carry the glow sticks.

Trip #1
3- Welch's Light grape juice @ 1.19= $3.57
2- Brach's Candy Corn @ 1.29= $2.58
Total OOP= $6.15 + tax

Received $3 ECB fot the juice and $2.58 for the candy

Trip #2
2- Glow sticks @ .99= $1.98
1- Small gift card = $.75
Used $2.58 ECB from last trip
Total oop= $.15

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Planning and a coupon

I was thinking about my shopping trip tomorrow and thought that I would look for some competitors coupons to use. (Fry's/ Kroger is accepting competitors coupons until 10/28) Found some for you.

Fresh and Easy $6/$30

Safeway (other avaliable but not listed)
$1.00/1 buchers select 16 oz lunchmeat
.50/1 pumpkin
$2.00/1 Captain's Choice Sea Scallops or Bay Scallops 2 lb. Bag
.50/1 2ct cream puffs

Albertsons Market (SW region)

Free reusable bag w/ $75 purchase (weekly ad)
Free greeting card wyb 2 others (monthly ad pg 34)

Albertsons (national chain)
Lots of good price point coupon on here and they all say "free candy wyb ?(how ever many)"
Purina Dog/Cat Chow 8.8lb or 7lb $7.99 (free candy wyb1)

Whole foods ($5/25 purchase)

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Quick run to Fry"s (Kroger) and got some clearance.

Somebody drank all of my fake lemon. That makes me so mad! And you can only guess it was my oldest daughter. So I had to run to Kroger and get some for my fish. No picks because I can't find the camera.

1- fake lemon= $1.29
2- gl milk @ 1.75 (not sure why this was marked down it expires 10/21)= $3.50
3- Daisy SC light @ 1.25= $3.75 ( will use this for dips, yummy)
OOP= $8.54 (not tax at this one)

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A second Frys's trip

I went back to Fry's because I forgot to get milk and butter. But thought I would stock up on some of the other stuff that was on sale. I am going to be a litttle light on shopping money the next few months because of the holidays.

6- Hunts tomatoes @ .75 - .40/2= $3.00
3- Pills cresent rolls @ 1.66 - .40/1= $1.98
4- BC potatoes @ 1.00 - .35/1= FREE
2- BC Cheese Potatoes @ 1.99 - 1.00/1= $1.98
4- Pk chicken breast @ 1.77lb= $9.42
1- Country Crock @ 2.99= $2.99
1- GL Milk @ 2.42= $2.42
= $21.97

Monday, October 13, 2008

Banana Bread and more!

This week is Fall break for the kids. And since I work for the district I too have a week off for break. It has cooled down nicely for now (in the high 70's) but is suposed to go back up as the week goes on. I love when it starts to cool off and I can open the doors. You can back and turn off the air conditioner. Here is my forcast for the week.Anyway, I felt like baking so I made my banana bread. It is a slight variation of Betty Crockers.

3/4 cup sugar
1/2 cup brown sugar
2 eggs
1/2 cup butter or margarine
1 tsp vanilla
2 1/2 cup flour
1 tsp baking soda
1 tsp salt

1.Heat oven to 350°F. Grease bottoms only of 3 loaf pans with shortening or cooking spray.
2.In large bowl, mix sugar and butter with spoon. Stir in eggs until well blended. Add bananas, buttermilk and vanilla; beat until smooth. Stir in flour, baking soda and salt just until moistened. Stir in nuts. Divide batter evenly among pans.
3.Bake 30 to 35 minutes or until toothpick inserted in centers comes out clean. Cool 5 minutes. Loosen sides of loaves from pans; remove from pans to cooling racks. Cool completely, about 2 hours. Wrap tightly and store at room temperature up to 4 days, or refrigerate up to 10 days.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Sunday Shopping Extravaganza!

Back again with some sweet deals I got. Check them out!

Triple coupons and competitors coupons too.

12- Yoplait yogurts @ .50 - .40/6= $4.00
1- Good Bites dog treats @ 5.29- FREE coupon -4.99= $.39
3- Hot Pockets @ 2.00 - 1.00/1= $3.00
6- Hunts canned tomatoes @ .80 - .40/2= $1.80
2- International Delight (big ones) @ 1.99- .50/1 = $1.98
1- Cinnamon Toast Crunch @ 3.29- FREE coupon (competitors in ad coupon states Free cereal WYB 10 Yoplait)= FREE
1- Frys white bread= $.97
1- Foster Farms Chicken @ 3.24 - $1 (1.00 off wyb betty crocker potatoes)= $2.24
4- Betty Crocker Potato pouches @ 1.00 - .35/1 X 3= $1.00
2- Fry's chicken enchaladas @ 3.99 - 2/1 COP= $3.98
3- Pills cresent rolls @ 1.66- .40/1=$1.98

Total: 21.35 Plus tax
- $18 OYNSO = $3.36 (how much I spent)

10- Easy Mac Cups @ 1.00 - .50/2= $5.00
2- 18ct eggs @ 5.29 BOGO= $5.29
4- Phillidelphia Cream Cheese @ 2.00= $8.00
2- Celestial Seasonings Teas @ 4.99 - BOGO - 1.00/1= $2.99
8- Banquet Pot Pies @ .79= $6.32 (I did not need these but it was a craving so I got enough for everyone to have some)
2- Safeway shreaded cheese @ 1.50= $3.00
3- Good Bites dog treats @ 3.99- FREE coupon= FREE
- $4 Kraft cheese promo (buy 4 kraft cheese and get $4 off you order instantly)
Total: $26.60
- $20 OYNSO from last weekend (paid $6.60 OOP)


2- Skippy @ 1.66- .55/1= $8.88
8- Ragu @ 1.66- .65/1= $8.08
2- Luminer Lighters @ 2.99 - 1.00/1= $3.98
1- Bubbles = $1.00
3- Renyolds Wrap @ .89 - 1.00/1 x 1= $1.67
9- Hurshey's bars @ .39= $3.51
9- Hershey's special dark bars @ .79 - FREE WYB any hershey's bar= FREE
8- Pert Plus @ 3.79 - 1.50/1 and 2.50/1 IVC= -$1.68
10-Lindt candy bars @ 2.59- 5)bogo - 5).75/1- 1.00 IVC= -$1.60

Total= $23.84
Used $18 in RR = $5.84 + Tax Got back $5 RR for $15 in Ragu/Skippy
Net $.84

Friday, October 10, 2008

Ways to cut back on costs!

We love movies and who wouldn't. So instead of renting one by one at $3.50 a pop. We have the monthly membership at Hollywood Video. And the best part. Ours got sold to Mark's Video. And when they got sold they sent us a coupon in the mail to go to another HV and get a free month of unlimited rentals. Well the manager at MV took it and gave us a free month there. (just asked and he said yes! See it never hurts to ask).

Here are some websites that give info on monthly unlimited plans on things like books and movies...

  • Hollywood Video MVP program
  • Blockbuster (with the online program you can also get in-store movies. You can not get online movies with the in-store program. Online program lets you receive movies through the mail)
  • Netflix (online program only! Online program lets you receive movies through the mail)
  • Paperback Swap (trade books and other media through the mail with other users for things that you want for just the price of postage)
  • Books Free (online book rental programs with no late fees)
  • Games N Flix (rent video games and movies online. You get then through the mail)
  • DVD Exposed (rent videos online receive via mail)
  • Gamefly (rent video games online receive via mail)
  • Bookswim (rent books through the mail online)

My stockpile sucks!

My complaint!

Ok, it my not suck for real but it sucks for me at the moment. I have not been posting a lot because I have been on the sick side. (Barely ditched a sinus infection, felt it coming on but nipped it in the bud) I have a yucky throat and the sniffles. I wanted tea and honey. But to my suprise we don't have tea. Suck number 1 for stockpile. Then I get a stuffy nose and can't sleep. I wanted nose spray. Suck number 2 for the stockpile. Why do I always find good deals on HBA items and meds, I find good deals on cough drops but no nose spray.

Less Good Deals!

I have been noticing that over the past few months there had been less good deals. Last year we got Quaker oatmeal at Albies for less then .50c a box with the back to school sale. This year it was $1.00 a box with the same sale and coupons. I know I got free Skippy at Safeway. They had a super coupon for .99c less .50c coupon and it was free. I never saw a Skippy coupon or low sale to get it this season. So we are down to 2 jars from last year. I refuse to pay for it. I think the biggest thing that is irking me right now is the I Can't Believe It's Not Butter. It used to be on sale at least once a month and had coupons out. I have not gotten butter in 3 months. I will not pay more then .99 a tub for it. And the big one has gone from $3.99 up to over $6.00. That is crazy for oil and chemicals!

Store brand vs. Name Brand

One of the first questions that gets asked of seasoned couponers by newbies is "Are you brand loyal?". Well most of us are for the most part. When you see what deals are out there and the coupons that go with them you will become brand loyal to a lot of them. But you will also find products that you have not tried and once do you, like or love. So switching between name brands on things like shampoo and pasta sauce will become no big deal. I am brand loyal to a lot of things. Peanut butter is Skippy, then there is Hamburger Helper (no store brand for me), Dove deoderant, Kraft mac and cheese, and Kraft singles.

Some products there is just no competing with them on sale/coupon price. For instance Yoplait yogurt. It is always on sale at one store or another and a coupon is always out for it. So coupon plus sale makes it a better price then even store brand when it is onsale. Plus they have more yummy flavors. (check your store for a sale I bet one in your area has it). Right now with Kroger (Fry's) trippling coupons and taking competitors you end up with a sweet deal.

On sale for .50. Buy 12= $6.00
Coupon out for .40/6, trippled= -$2.00
Coupon in competitors paper for free cereal wyb 10 yogurts
Total is $4.00 for 12 yogurts and free box of cereal (ends up being .17c each)

Even if you don't have this sweet deal they are normally on sale for .50 ea often. And no tripple coupon is a normal occurance. So a normal sale occurance would look like this....

On sale for .50, buy 12= $6.00
Dbl coupon .40/6= -$1.60
Total is $4.40 or .37c (still a good deal.)

Even when store brand goes to a low price it is only 3 for .99c. So name brand is only .04c more. This is the case for most products. Hamburger helper on sale with a coupon is lower then that store brand low price of .99 (how often does that happen). The trick is to buy sale items with coupons and get enough to last you until the next time it is on sale. Most sale tend to run about 12 weeks. Some might be more often (like meat and yogurt) but you will learn the cycles in your area the more often you shop.

For example if you eat Hamburger Helper once a week. You would buy at least 12 when they are on sale with a coupon. So instead of paying 2.59 a box every week on your weekly shopping trip, you spend $9.00 (.75c a box X 12 boxes) one week and save yourself 22.08 over the next 12 weeks. That saves you 71% and 82.32 a year! Ok, that may not sound like much. But that is just one product. What if you have the same savings on 10 products. That is almost $1000 a year. Almost enough to cover gas for your car.

I know I rambled a lot today. But I hope it is a good explaination of couponing and the reasoning behind it.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Free playdough!

Here is a recipe for homemade playdough.

3 cups all purpose flour
1 cup salt
1 tbs cream of tarter

Mix above in a large bowl. Set aside.

Microwave 2 cups of water for 2 minutes. (if you want to add color put it in the water. I add 2 pks of unsweetened koolaid for vibrant colors)

Ad hot water to dry flour. Add 3 tbs of cooking oil to the bowl and mix until ready to kneed. Kneed dough until uniform in color and not sticky anymore. (to not get your hands stained use dish washing gloves). Store at room temp in a ziploc bag.

This makes a lot of dough. About 4 tubs worth. Plenty for sharing.

Glade sented oil warmers....

Mom and I got a lot of these yesterday. Went to a lot of stores and used the peelies (totally free) that I have collected.... I only took 4 at each Walgreens. Ended up with 26 of them.. Here is how we did it yesterday....

Went to Safeway got 13 of them $5.XX in tax
Received: $26 OYNSO + Coupon for a FREE Iron Man DVD

Got 13 at Frys for $4.XX in tax (different city)
Received: $26 OYNSO

On the way home we stopped at another Safeway to get the DVD because they were out at the first one. (But the first one was out of warmers) Went home and split up the OYNSO coupons and the warmers.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Walmart price matching.....

I can not believe that my mom and I were shopping for over 6 hours today. Walmart took the longest only because of a stupid cashier. I went to ad match oral b toothbrushes at 4.99 for the rechargable ones. And we had $5 coupons. Cashier did scan it but for some reason it did not go through. After putting everything in the car we looked at the reciepts and had to go back because it not comming off. We stood at CS for 20 minutes while waiting for the manager to get our coupons out of the register. Then he told me that they will not ad match and take coupons. I told him I have a email at home that I would be glad to bring in and let him read (not really). So we returned the toothbrushes and got our coupons back too. I hate managers that try to make up stupid excusses... I have a link at the top for Walmart coupon policy!

Anyway here is the rest of the shopping.

12- GG steamers PM@ 1.00 - 1.00 Q = FREE
4- scott TP PM @ 1.00 - .75Q= $1.00
4- Hunts pasta sauce PM @ 1.00= $4.00 (need these to get through until another great sale)
3- Betty crocker cake mix PM @ .69= $2.07
2- Sourdough rolls maked down @ 1.50= $3.00
2 pillows (not including in total)
Total OOP = $13.07

Sunday Shopping Extravaganza!

We shop every Sunday so I will always show my shopping. Today was wonderful!

2- 3lb chubs hamburger (93%) @ 3.97ea=$7.94
3- Oral B power action toothbrush @ 4.99- 5.00Q= FREE
6- Glade gel plug ins @ 1.79 - BOGO Q= $5.37
1- water= 1.99

Total OOP= 15.30 + tax
Received 6 $2 OYNSO
Net= $3.30


2- Argo corn starch @ 1.50 - .45Q= $1.20
2- fresh Brush Max @ 5.99 - 1.00 Q= 9.98
2- Fresh Brush Max refill @ 4.99 - Free Q (buy FB get refill free) = FREE
2- Glade plug in@ 1.99 - BOGO coupon= $3.98
4- Glade plug in oil warmer @ 4.79 - BOGO Q= 9.58
1- Purina dog food 35lb @ 13.99 - 2 Q= 11.99

Total OOP= $37.73 + Tax

Recieved: 6 $2 OYNSO and Q for 1 free Ironman DVD! (I was going to buy this anyway for DH but thought I could get all the cleaning and smelly stuff for free if I was going to pay $25 for it.) So overall not bad for a huge bag of dog food and a DVD and all the cleaning and air freshers.

Net: $25.73


All bought in diffrent transactions but compiled here for easier posting.

6- Glade wisp flameless candles @ 5.99 - 5.00Q= $5.94
6- Crest toothpaste @ 1.99- 1.00 IVC and 1.00 Q= +$.06 overage
1 Halloween bag = $.11
2- Glade sented oil candle holders @ 5.99- $2 Q= 7.98
- $4.50 OYNSO used from last week

Total OOP= $9.47 + tax
Received: 6 $3 OYNSO for the glade
Net= + $8.53
Apply for Glade scented oil candle holder X's 2= $4

I went back to get more... (not pictured)
3- Glade sented gel refills @ 1.99 - 1.00 Q= $2.97
1 halloween bag= $.11
Used $3 OYNSO
= $.60
Apply for $1 glade rebate X's 3

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Newbie Deals!

Newbie deals anyone can do!

CVS Monthly Deals for October
To do the CVS deals you must have and Extracare card. You can sign up for it at the store and put it on your keychain.

  • CVS brand Vit D 100 tab 2.99 - $2.99 ECB= FREE (limit1)
  • Colgate freshmax toothpaste, toothbrush or mouthwash $2.99 - $2.00 ECB= $.99 (limit 2)
  • Wellpatch Arthritis relief pads 3pk. $5.99 - $ 5.99 ECB= FREE (limit2)

Trip #1 : Buy 1 Wellpatch / pay $5.99 cash + tax / Recieve $5.99 ECB
Trip #2-5 : Buy 1 Wellpatch / pay $5.99 ECB + tax in cash / Recieve $5.99 ECB
Trip #6: Buy CVS Vit D + Colgate product + candy or other filler product= around $6/ pay w/ $5.99 ECB + cash for balance/ receive $2.99 ECB + $2 ECB
Trip #7: Buy 1 colgate product= 2.99/ pay w/ 2.99 ECB + cash for balance/ receive $2.00 ECB for later.

total OOP for 7 trips= Roughly $8 and still have 2/$2.00 ECB's for next month (receive 5 box wellpatch, 2 colgate and 1 vit d)
*This deal could be better if you have Colgate coupons and Welpatch coupons. I just put this together for Newbies because they probably won't have coupons.

If you use coupons for the above deals you need to use filler items for the amount of the coupons. This is because to use the ECB your total must exceed ECB price before tax. For example it will look like this.

Trip #1 : Buy 1 Wellpatch / (use $1 coupon) pay $4.99 cash + tax / Recieve $5.99 ECB
Trip #2-5 : Buy 1 Wellpatch / (use $1 coupon and buy $1 filler item) pay $5.99 ECB + tax in cash / Recieve $5.99 ECB

*Contine with fillers for the value of the coupon on each trip for colgate and wellpatch items.

Food Co-ops!

A lot of areas have food co-ops. These can help you save money and get some good produce at the same time.

At my co-op. You order a produce basket and then show up early Saturday morning to pick it up. I have no idea what is going to be in my basket until I pick it up. All co-ops are diffrent. Some are like mine and some are like farmers markets. Some tell you what is in your basket when ordering and some not. Here is what I got in mine....

1 lb bag carrots
head of leaf lettuce
2 red onions
6 bananas
12 nectorines
2lb grapes
6 sweet potatoes
2lb broccoli
1 stalk celery
6 peaches
1lb green beans
1 cantalope
1lb strawberries
1 pk mushrooms
3 lg tomatoes

All was $15 for the basket

At times they may offer other things like bread, powdered mixes and dried soups, rice and beans, or even dried cheese powder (yummy) and organic herbals.

Try some of these links to find one in your area....

Co-op Directory
Local Harvest
Co-Op Directory .org
sustainable table
green people

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Sorting your coupons.

Everyone wants to see how my coupons are sorted so I will show you. I have to tell you it is not a pretty system or a portable one. But if you you a couponizer you should have no problem with this.

You will need.
Coupon insterts (Whole ones)
Ziploc bags
black marker

I do the exact same thing as the video. There are few exceptions though. Before you cut your set of coupons I staple through them. In the picture or something, not on the barcode.

Here is the video.

After you have cut your set of coupons you want to label a ziplock with the week that they came out. And then place your coupons in the bag. Now you have a whole set and you can find what you are looking for. We keep ours in a filing cabinet.

Now you may ask how do you know what is in there? that is a great question. You can look them up by what you are looking for in the Coupon Database. Or you can lookup by week to see the whole list at Taylor Town Preview.

Loose coupons or from a trade? That is for a diffrent day. I have to take pics.

Walgreens had clearance!

I found this stuff down the summer toy isle. Great stuff on clearance. I am going to go back and get another microscope. That was a great deal! My nephew went to science camp this summer and would love one for Christmas. I never find the good stuff on clearance so I am still on a Clearance High.

Microscope was $20 got it for $4
Mushabelly's was $7.99 rang up $7.99 but shelf said $1.19! (manager override) These have codes on them like Webkinz so you have access to games and such on there website. Not as great as webkins but good for younger kids 4-5.
Generic crayola poster paint backpack was $4.99 rang up $.84!

I also got another razor.

-$9 in RR
-$4 razor coupon

Total OOP= w tax $7.17 (got $4 RR for razor)

Monday, September 29, 2008

Sunday Shopping Extravaganza!

2- ziploc steam bags @ 2.50- .55Q= $3
6- Twist smelly things @ .99- .55/3= $4.02
2- Renuzit oder refesher @ 2.99 - Free coupon = FREE
2- gl milk @ 1.88= $3.76
2- Colgate @ .88 - .55 Q= FREE
6- steamfresh veggies (yes I need more, these are broccoli) @ 1.??- 1/3 Q= $7.14
2- chickens @ .69lb= $6.98

OOP= $24.90
Not my best work. But still a good deal. Too bad I couldn't find a better deal on the ziploc.

1 french bread= $1.29
1 dz eggs= $.89
2 Homepride bread BOGO= $3.69
2- Windex BOGO - .50/1 coupon= $1.80
2- PK chicken breast= $8.09
OOP= $15.76

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Walgreens Shopping

Shopping at Wallgreens today was great.

6 transactions but consolidated for you here..

1 WAG laundry soap $2.19 clearanced
1 Starburst bag $1.00 clearanced
2 Halloween Pencils with erasers .50
3 Halloween Coloring books .50ea
1 Halloween window cling .50
Nestle candy .89

Here are the good deals.........

6 Tylenol Cold/Sinus Rapid Release 4.99
- $1.50 ES coupon
-$1.00 Insert coupon from March
= $2.25 ea
$5 RR wyb 3 (for some reason it printed out a $5 and a $2 for the 3)

3- Oral B crossaction $4.50
-$.75 insert coupon 9/28
= $3.75
$4.50 RR (.75 profit)

Fusion Power razor $8.99
- $4 insert coupon (9/28)
$4.00 RR (so only .99 ea)

Paid OOP=$21.03 w tax and I still have $8.50 in RR to spend.

A Stewy Season

Well it is suposed to feel like fall. But here is is still over 100 degrees so there is no chance of that. But I still had all the ingredents to make my stew. So if you want to try it out it is simple and yummy.

You need
1lb chopped carrots
1 chopped onion (yellow or white)
2 stocks chopped celery
1lb stew meat (floured)
1 tbs of chopped garlic
2 tbs flour
2 bay leaves (you can go without if you don't have any)
Butter, olive oil, salt and pepper

Add a tbs of butter and a tbs of oil to the pot and cook veggies and garlic until softened. They should not have color on them but softened up a bit. Then return the veggies to bowl.

Next you want to add some more butter and oil to the pot. Then add the stew meat. Cook the stew meat until it get brown on all sides. Remove the meat and put with the veggies when all cooked.

Next comes the tricky part. You want to put 2 tbs of oil and 2 tbs of butter in the bottom of your pot. Put the heat on med so that it will not burn (you may want to take the pot of for a few before you do this so it is not too hot). Have a wisk in one hand and dump in 2 tbs of flour with the other. Wisk the flour until incorportated well with the oil mixture and try to get the meaty bits off the bottom. Cook for about 30 seconds while wisking. Dump in about 2 cups of water and mix. Then dump in the meat and veggies. Cover with 2 inches of water. This depends on your pot. You may add some salt and pepper here to taste. But I would not add to much because it will reduce and become more salty. Now you have a few options. You can cook this in the oven, crock pot or on the stove. The stove method is the fastest and crock pot is the slowest. Stew will thicken as is cooks.

Crockpot: Dump the whole thing in and ad 1lb of cubed potatoes, cook on low 8 hours.

Oven: Cook in oven for about 2 hours at 350, covered with foil. Then ad 1 lb of cubed potatoes and cook for another 2 hours.

Stovetop: Cook on slow simmer for 1 1/2 hours , cover and stiring every 15 minutes. Watching for water loss. Add 1 lb potatoes and cook for another hour.

* Cooking times may vary due to areas of the country, and cooking equipment.

You can also ad other things to the stew if you like. But remember that you add the potatoes to the last part of the cooking or they will become mashed and yucky. We add cabbage to our sometime or add dumplings at the end. You can also make this with chicken (no need to cook it. Just add raw after cooking veggies and making rue) Pork or other gamey meat)

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Got My Bra!

I finally got my bra. Went to target while waiting for my pizza and wings that I ordered for dinner. There was a lot of stuff on clearance that I wanted to get but thought twice about it. I can not get anything that I am not going to use or gift. Yeah, I know common sense. But you don't know me and impulse buying. Here are some of the noteable things I found.

  • Backpacks and lunch type bags. 75% off.
  • Cute wood frame for the digital frames. 75% off was $2.49 (got 2 of these because I gave these digital frames last Christmas to my mom and MIL)
  • Brita Pure Flavor options .75% off was 2.49
  • Barilla Pasta .59
  • Candle holders (set of 3 that say Live. Laugh, Love) 75% off at 4.95 (got 1 of these for SIL)
  • Lots of Live, Laugh, Love type of stuff at 50% off (picture frames, and photo books)

Friday, September 26, 2008


I went to Walmart this morning. I was intending to buy a new bra. So I decided to go and get a few things priced matched that were really low from stores I would not normally go to.

I am very embarrassed to say that I spent more then I thought I was going to ($36) and still ended up with no new bra.

I got some.....

Carrots (1lb bag 3/.99)Just happened that the only 1lb bag they had was organic YEAH!
Pears (3lb/.99)
Celery (.50)
Tomatoes (.69lb)
Cabbage (5lb/.99)
Onions (6lb/.99)
Cucumbers (3/.99)
Pork loin chops- boneless (2.69lb) not the best price but I need some meat
Boneless lean stew meat (2.99)
Boneless bottom round steak (2.99)
90pk corn tortillas (1.99)

Now you say what are you going to do with all those tortillas? Well let me tell you. Corn tortillas are as good as bread and they are so versatile.

To make tortillas pliable and easy to manipulate you want to warm them up in a skillet with a little butter or oil (tbs or so). I usually butter when I am eating them plain or topped. But if I am using them for a recipe or going to cook them more do it in oil. Then you top them with all sorts of stuff.

peanut butter and honey
cinnamon and sugar
PB and Jelly
Refried beans
refried beans and cheese
Honey and powdered sugar
salsa and cheese

Use them to make...
homemade tortilla chips
toasted or raw tortilla pieces for salads, soups and such
Mexican Pizzas in the oven
Cook crispy in oil for tostadas

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Yummy Pumpkin

Well, it is officially Fall. And it is that time of year to start with the great fall produce (or canned as this applies). I love pumpkin and want to offer some of my families favorite recipes. So here is the first of many to come.

Pumpkin Quick Bread
A Nestle recipe!


  • 1 3/4 cups all-purpose flour
  • 1 cup LIBBY'S® 100% Pure Pumpkin
  • 3/4 cup firmly packed brown sugar
  • 1/2 cup (1 stick) butter (we recommend Land O Lakes®), softened
  • 2 large eggs
  • 2 teaspoons pumpkin pie spice
  • 1 teaspoon baking soda
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • 1/4 teaspoon baking powder

PREHEAT oven to 350° F. Grease 9x5-inch loaf pan.

COMBINE flour, pumpkin, brown sugar, butter, eggs, spice, baking soda, salt and baking powder in large mixer bowl. Beat at medium speed, scraping bowl often for 1 to 2 minutes until well mixed. Spoon batter into prepared pan.

BAKE for 45 to 55 minutes or until toothpick inserted in center comes out clean. Cool in pan on wire rack 10 minutes; remove to wire rack to cool completely.

*Substitute 1 teaspoon ground cinnamon, 1/2 teaspoon ground ginger and 1/4 teaspoon each ground nutmeg and ground cloves for pumpkin pie spice.

Banana Bread: Prepare quick bread as directed above, substituting 3/4 cup sugar for brown sugar and 1 cup mashed bananas for pumpkin; omit pumpkin pie spice.

Banana Chocolate Chip Bread: Prepare quick bread as directed above. Stir 3/4 cup NESTLÉ® TOLL HOUSE® Semi-Sweet Chocolate Mini Morsels and 1 cup mashed banana into batter.

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Bread: Prepare quick bread as directed above. Stir in 3/4 cup NESTLÉ® TOLL HOUSE® Semi-Sweet Chocolate Mini Morsels into batter.

TIP: Wrap bread in plastic food wrap or aluminum foil. Refrigerate up to 3 days or freeze up to 3 months.

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