Saturday, May 16, 2009


Search & Win

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Friday, May 15, 2009

Mystery Shopping Goal!

I am very aware of the electricity prices this year. They wet up over the winter. So I am have a goal for the summer. I am going to try and make enough money mystery shopping to cover all the electricity. I don't know about you but that is a lot of money for us. About $8 a day.

Now. I started mystery shopping last spring and did it for a few months. But I stopped. I got frustrated that I had to spend money to make money. (don't we all know that's true) But I realized that I can do some that I already spend money on and then re coop that plus the shopper fee. Like eating pizza. Yumm! We normally get a local pizza places pizza. But I see lots of shops for Pappa Johns. I like them and their fattening garlic butter sauce. But you can only get 1 pizza and it has to be one topping no ex cheese. First we don't need extra cheese and one pizza should be plenty. I could just make a salad to go with. So for that shop I get reimbursed plus my $5 shopper fee. For something I was going to do anyway!

Next I found shops that were practically nothing out of pocket. Like swimming pool place shops. You need to pretend that you have a problem with your pool. (they give you a list of things to say if you don't really or don't have a pool). First make a phone call to the store and then visit the store. You answer questions about how the place looked. How the employee looked and interacted with you. Then you need to by something for up to $1 (clearance toy or something at the counter). And you are done. You get your $1 back and a $8 shopper fee! Whooo that's my $8 for the day for my electricity.

If you want a invite to the one I use the most email me and I will send you one :D

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Trip to Frys. Here is what I got!
6- Angel Soft @ 1.19 - .50/1= $1.14
1- 5lb bag of flour= $.99
Total OOP= $2.13

I'm looking for more Angel Soft coupons! Please let me know if you have any!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Sunday Shopping Extravaganza

Back posting my deals this week after a 6 month leave. But I will get on with it....

Safeway #1...
6- Diet pepsi 2ltr @ .75= $4.50
6- Kraft BBQ sauce @ 1.29 - .50/1Q= $1.74
10- Wrigley's gum @ 1.29- Free Q= Free
18pk safeway eggs @ $1.49
10 or so of split chicken breast @ .78clb= $7.70
8 ears of white corn= $1.00
total OOP= $16.43 +$3 OYNSO for the kraft BBQ

Safeway #2 (all marked on clearance)
big cottage cheese $.75
11 yogart @ .10 = $1.10
4 lb real butter @.50ea = 2.00
- $3 OYNSO from the last one
Total OOP= $.85

Lays potato chips 2.99 - Free Q= Free
2gl Frys milk @ 1.47= $2.94
1.19lb tomatoes @ .99= $1.18
1.78lb sweet potatos @ .99= $1.58
1.8lb Zucchini @ .99= $1.80
1 Precious Motz cheese marked down= $2.00
Total OOP= $9.50

Shopping day total= $26.78

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Menu Plan Monday

I am basing my menu on produce I got from this weekend. And help from Betty Crocker!

Breakfast: Cereal or school breakfast
Lunch: Pizza (doing a pizza mystery shop)
Dinner: Green Chili Chicken, Rice, salad, strawberries on angle food cake.

To do: Take out pork chops, Make sourdough starter

Breakfast: Cereal or school breakfast
Lunch: Mac and cheese, apples
Dinner: Orange glazed pork chops, broccoli, mashed potatoes and salad

To Do: Nothing

Breakfast: Cereal or school breakfast
Lunch: Leftovers
Dinner: Shreaded chicken tacos, rice pudding

To Do: Make brownies

Breakfast: Cereal or school breakfast
Lunch: ?? (field trip)
Dinner: Dinner salad with leftover Pork, citrus dressing, Healthfied Chocolate lovers brownies

Breakfast: Cereal or school breakfast
Dinner:"Healthified" Cheesy Potato Chowder , Sourdough bread

Saturday- Leftover day

Breakfast and lunch- Leftovers or fend-for-yourself
Dinner: Slow Cooker Chicken Cacciatori, pasta

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