Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Outlet stores!

I used to go to an outlet bread store years ago. But it closed. I was driving and looked over to a Earthgrains bread disributer center and saw a sign in the window that said "buns". So on my way back I stoped in the parking lot to read the other signs. It was an outlet center for Sara Lee. I fond out some interesting things. To all you out there that thinks store brand is worse or not as good as name brand.....Sara Lee/ Earthgrains makes Fry's brand bagels english muffins and buns. Haha! Some of the prices were not as good as I would think but loves of bread and buns were an awesome price. Here are some of the things I saw...

SL mini bagels $1
sm SL buns (hotdog and hamburger) $.89
lg SL buns (premium including onion, seseme seed ect.) $1.09-1.29
loaf breads (SL, earthgrains, iron kids, Sun Maid Rasian bread ect. all kinds of stuff) $1.09-1.29

They did have cereal and generic stuff but not at very good prices. I got 1 sl mini bagels and 2 sl buns for dinner tonight.


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