Sunday, October 5, 2008

Walmart price matching.....

I can not believe that my mom and I were shopping for over 6 hours today. Walmart took the longest only because of a stupid cashier. I went to ad match oral b toothbrushes at 4.99 for the rechargable ones. And we had $5 coupons. Cashier did scan it but for some reason it did not go through. After putting everything in the car we looked at the reciepts and had to go back because it not comming off. We stood at CS for 20 minutes while waiting for the manager to get our coupons out of the register. Then he told me that they will not ad match and take coupons. I told him I have a email at home that I would be glad to bring in and let him read (not really). So we returned the toothbrushes and got our coupons back too. I hate managers that try to make up stupid excusses... I have a link at the top for Walmart coupon policy!

Anyway here is the rest of the shopping.

12- GG steamers PM@ 1.00 - 1.00 Q = FREE
4- scott TP PM @ 1.00 - .75Q= $1.00
4- Hunts pasta sauce PM @ 1.00= $4.00 (need these to get through until another great sale)
3- Betty crocker cake mix PM @ .69= $2.07
2- Sourdough rolls maked down @ 1.50= $3.00
2 pillows (not including in total)
Total OOP = $13.07


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