Friday, October 10, 2008

Ways to cut back on costs!

We love movies and who wouldn't. So instead of renting one by one at $3.50 a pop. We have the monthly membership at Hollywood Video. And the best part. Ours got sold to Mark's Video. And when they got sold they sent us a coupon in the mail to go to another HV and get a free month of unlimited rentals. Well the manager at MV took it and gave us a free month there. (just asked and he said yes! See it never hurts to ask).

Here are some websites that give info on monthly unlimited plans on things like books and movies...

  • Hollywood Video MVP program
  • Blockbuster (with the online program you can also get in-store movies. You can not get online movies with the in-store program. Online program lets you receive movies through the mail)
  • Netflix (online program only! Online program lets you receive movies through the mail)
  • Paperback Swap (trade books and other media through the mail with other users for things that you want for just the price of postage)
  • Books Free (online book rental programs with no late fees)
  • Games N Flix (rent video games and movies online. You get then through the mail)
  • DVD Exposed (rent videos online receive via mail)
  • Gamefly (rent video games online receive via mail)
  • Bookswim (rent books through the mail online)


Anonymous October 17, 2008 at 12:38 PM  

Don't forget the public library! Ours has TONS of new release DVD's, seasons of tv shows on DVD, magazines, newspapers, and of course, books galore.

They also usually have a lot of programs like family movie nights, cooking or gardening lectures, etc.

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