Thursday, September 25, 2008

Flylady....The Commercial Project

I am so unorganized! Maybe I have a lot to do and put it off. Or maybe I am just unmodivated (we don't say lazy around here). But stuff just doesn't get done. I have tried just about every theory or program you can think of that is out there to no avail.

But after many failed attempts at doing Flylady (I am sure you know the program) I have come to the conclusion that "I NEED BABY STEPS". So what do I do? I watch my shows (I know a real change of pace). But as soon as a those commercials come on I am up. Just those 4 minutes between is enough to get something done. I get up and take charge of my project. For example..

Commercial # 1: Unload the dishwasher
#2: Load half the dishwasher
#3: load the other half of the dishwasher
#4: Go throught a pile of papers by the front door (stand by garbage and through out the trash, put the bills and important stuff in my to-do pile.
#5: Finish cleaning of the stuff from the table by the door and wipe the dust.

Woohoo.....At the end of my show I have done the dishes and cleaned a table off.

I know. It does not sound like much but after a few days I have a much cleaner house. What used to be riddled with bags, piles, boxes and just stuff laying around is a clean and neat area. I am so much happier and it was no big deal. If you are watching a show, why sit and watch commercials? It is just going to be a waste of time. You don't need to see that herpes commercial again, or what about that pizza commercial? Come on your on a diet. Get off you bum and throw something away!

I am going to call this my Commercial Project! I think I will make a nice button or something. So I can relate to you what I did during my commercials.


Bobbi Jo October 9, 2008 at 11:26 AM  

Hey there! I just was led to your blog from my daughter and I love it. Finally someone else from Arizona to help with the saving ideas and such. Love your blog.
I live in Queen Creek and I am so tired of the heat. I moved to the white mountains for a year and a half and loved it. My DH wasn't fond of the cold and snow. I thought it was great. Anyway, thank you so much for sharing with us. Hugs, Bobbi Jo

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