Friday, September 26, 2008


I went to Walmart this morning. I was intending to buy a new bra. So I decided to go and get a few things priced matched that were really low from stores I would not normally go to.

I am very embarrassed to say that I spent more then I thought I was going to ($36) and still ended up with no new bra.

I got some.....

Carrots (1lb bag 3/.99)Just happened that the only 1lb bag they had was organic YEAH!
Pears (3lb/.99)
Celery (.50)
Tomatoes (.69lb)
Cabbage (5lb/.99)
Onions (6lb/.99)
Cucumbers (3/.99)
Pork loin chops- boneless (2.69lb) not the best price but I need some meat
Boneless lean stew meat (2.99)
Boneless bottom round steak (2.99)
90pk corn tortillas (1.99)

Now you say what are you going to do with all those tortillas? Well let me tell you. Corn tortillas are as good as bread and they are so versatile.

To make tortillas pliable and easy to manipulate you want to warm them up in a skillet with a little butter or oil (tbs or so). I usually butter when I am eating them plain or topped. But if I am using them for a recipe or going to cook them more do it in oil. Then you top them with all sorts of stuff.

peanut butter and honey
cinnamon and sugar
PB and Jelly
Refried beans
refried beans and cheese
Honey and powdered sugar
salsa and cheese

Use them to make...
homemade tortilla chips
toasted or raw tortilla pieces for salads, soups and such
Mexican Pizzas in the oven
Cook crispy in oil for tostadas


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