Monday, October 6, 2008

Glade sented oil warmers....

Mom and I got a lot of these yesterday. Went to a lot of stores and used the peelies (totally free) that I have collected.... I only took 4 at each Walgreens. Ended up with 26 of them.. Here is how we did it yesterday....

Went to Safeway got 13 of them $5.XX in tax
Received: $26 OYNSO + Coupon for a FREE Iron Man DVD

Got 13 at Frys for $4.XX in tax (different city)
Received: $26 OYNSO

On the way home we stopped at another Safeway to get the DVD because they were out at the first one. (But the first one was out of warmers) Went home and split up the OYNSO coupons and the warmers.


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